Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Current Amazements

I cannot think of Erin in Thailand and Cora in Kenya, without marveling at what a huge change has taken place in our family in recent times. Short years ago we were a family under one roof, sharing life routines of work, home and school. Now we are on three continents. My iPhone World Clock app currently shows time zones for my extended family in Nairobi, Bangkok, Vancouver, Calgary, Perth and the Bahamas, mon! Last week, it included Miami as well. Our world is surely shrinking, as our views change. Isn't it also incredible that we can have free video calls with family in all of these places, simply by tapping a small keyboard on an interactive screen? Quite wonderful!
Furthermore, as I step out onto our bedroom balcony, I am bathed in the brightest white moonlight ever known to humankind, as the moon orbits closer than ever to our planet. It is a view shared by family and friends from Edmonton to Bali, Holland to Mexico. Lunar light bathes the nightscape with enough intensity to read by, or to inspire random musings of sleepless nocturnal beings.
Sounds of creatures I cannot name softly resonate on cool, still air, otherwise undisturbed. Then nothing: the night amazes with perfectly crisp, clear silence. The more intently I listen, the less I hear. Good night. Very, very good.

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