Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pause to ponder

It is delicious to sleep in late, if that is what 7:30 am is. Gina had a bad night, with spider visits and minor hysterics, so Kees did a clean sweep of her room and I sat up to keep her company into the wee hours. It's not nice when crawlies march across your covers at night, lurk behind doors and hide in your shower. Tiny buggers have been taking advantage of our ceiling corners: unacceptable. I don't take much notice, but Gina's memory and imagination are both clear and bright. Good that we have a guest room for her to use as an alternate. Perhaps the rare downpour we had last night caused more Arachne activity through the night. Regardless, today Gina will clean her bedroom thoroughly.
Our life in Australia has many challenges, as well as charms. I enjoy the stunning sunrises and sunsets regularly, punctuated by chortling of magpies, squeaking of rosellas, expressive caws of crows and maniacal laughter of kookaburras, to name just the common few. The parrots are also quite expressive, answered by our sometimes visitor, Graybeck. He's Matt's cranky little cockatiel who's ornate cage dominates our stairwell. He's good at waking us by 7 am with his peals and chortles. Most of his attitude is directed at his reflection, but he's just as likely to nip at your fingers if you extend them in an offer of friendship or transport. Gina and Kees don't mind him perching on their shoulders, but I find his claws creepy and his crap unwelcome. I'm most fond of dogs, but Graybeck is pretty to look at. I'll give him that.
Well, back to pondering life. I have much to think about, planning and preparing for a second term of teaching. Progress reporting will dominate this term, once NAPLAN testing is done. I'll head in to work in my classroom later today, after studying my script for the Williams Repertory Theater's upcoming plays. I regret adding this stress to my agenda, as retention of 20 pages of script is a hard slog. It's a tougher challenge than I thought it would be, a clear reminder that my brain needs more exercise . So does my body! It felt exhilarating to climb atop the Gloucester Tree last week, used as a forest fire lookout near . But riding in a car, sitting at a computer and teaching in a classroom are three activities that do not exercise my muscles enough. Swimming laps has not yet become a regular part of my week, nor has weekly rides with the local Numbutts cycling club. Once a month rides are very hard on me, as I push to keep up with the fitness levels of tough Aussie farmers. I'd be fine on a one or two hour ride, but yesterday's 3 hour ride left me rather drained of energy, with jelly legs and an appropriate numb posterior. I hope to get Kees or Gina out today to limber up a bit. Quite a full day planned! Sunshine and a pleasant 24c forecast beckons. Onwards!

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  1. Well it all sounds pretty dreamy to me. Do you have a part in a play? What production?

    We are supposed to have a half nice day here. Lastnight we attended Shirley's Rwanda benefit concert. The Rivers and the Zons attended also. We won a photo package from Bill Hill at the silent auction. I'm pleased about that.

    Cycling is really over rated.