Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I had a late rehearsal last Wednesday night for a repertory theatre production that I'm in. We practice every Monday and Wednesday night. I am enjoying the cameraderie of the cast and have managed to rope in Gina to do a bit of set painting and Kees to help as a sound tech. But I wonder, on a daily basis, why I am challenging myself to learn 20 pages of script and possibly embarrass myself right outta town. It is MUCH harder to memorize a script now than it seemed 35 years ago. Most days I can drill a few lines into my thick skull, but then I blank out when I add a few moves on stage... With less than a month to go until the play opens, I am doubting the wisdom of this endeavor! More practice is the thing for me.
I caught up again with the Numbutts Cycling Club on Saturday morning. We enjoyed a 30km bucolic ride over hill and dale, halfway to Quindanning, finally warmed by welcome rays after the fog cleared. It was a very chilly start at 8:30 am! We used to ride at 7:30, to miss the heat of the sun, but now it's fall here. Sunrise is at 7, barely warming up to a damp 5c this morning. It takes a good hour or more for the fog to burn off. By 10:30, it was a pleasant 20c. I had a chance to check out a new "op shop" in town of recycled things, where all the funds raised go to charities. It will be fun to return most of our stuff for resale when we leave here! Kees and Gina met me at the shop, then we headed over to the theater to paint sets. I had jelly legs and needed food, so managed to wobble 3km home to rest for the afternoon and study my lines. I'm thrilled that Gina and Kees have both volunteered to help with the play. Kees is the sound tech. Tomorrow, Gina will paint more sets and help prompt lines as the whole cast rehearses. This time it won't be their regular dinner theater, but simpler fare and of course, an open bar throughout the two one-act plays being performed. Soon! Eeeek!
Also heavy on my mind is the load of schoolwork mounting. Progress reports are looming next month and I must head in to the school for several hours tomorrow. I am finding it a somewhat stifling teaching situation overall, since so much focus here seems to be on a rigid, prescriptive style and loads of assessment. First term was about trying to adapt, but I'm not too keen on that anymore. I'm ready for teaching an inquiry project, but I'm being pushed to teach spelling drills and assign home reading worksheets. I haven't decided yet if I'll be a rebel or take the path of less resistance....ha! There's just never enough time to do everything needed in this job, so I may as well enjoy this great group of kids and do it my way. Those wiser than me tell me not to work so hard and be sure to put family first. Good advice.

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