Sunday, 27 May 2012

To Falcon Beach and Back

May 25-27 has been spent enjoying friends and fun at a borrowed beach house, just south of Mandurah. Chook and Phil Melvin, Bec's aunt and uncle, joined us from Perth. It was a delight to pay them back for their awesome hospitality shared in Seabird, when they hosted us some months ago. We also invited two exchange couples, Canadians Diane and Jim Hastie, posted to Perth, and Mike and Sue from England, posted in Busselton. We all got along very well, ate too much, drank lots of Phil and Chook's Prosecco and generally strengthened our friendships. The home was a delightful old place with a ton of shabby chic charm, lovingly decorated by my colleague at ENPS. We all felt quite lucky indeed, as the weather was a fine 25c and each meal, prepared by guests in rotation, was more delicious than the last. Mushroom bacon egg-a-muffins by Diane and Jim were followed by hot and cold meat and cheese wraps by Chook and Phil. Dinner by Mike and Sue was a very good chicken curry with a most excellent eggplant pickle and naan. Gina and I whipped up an apple crisp that had a hint of cinnamon, orange and coconut, served hot with ice cream. So yum!
Sunday breakfast was our version of fruit and pancakes, with maple syrup . Everyone got along so well all weekend that exercise was a bit neglected. We biked some, shopped some, beachcombed some and strolled the estuary trails some, but mostly we visited. Saturday eve was an amazing adventure to visit friends of Diane's, who owned a swanky holiday home and boat on the canal. We arrived to be ushered out onto their gorgeous waterfront deck, where we immediately spotted a frisky pod of energetic dolphins. Robin kept the hot appetizers and wine coming as Don ferried us in small groups out on the canals for a closer encounter. Very exciting! We certainly had a fabulous evening with our delightful new friends. Our fun ended all too soon. We ek ends are so full of interest, while the weeks are long and full of unending schoolwork. Gina had a few days off with a cold this past week, with low motivation to attend school. Kees may have entertained himself a bit too much, as he seems to be retiring to sleep some days even before I get home for dinner. Not fun. He did have a good day of it last Thursday, when he organized a seminar in town to teach Facebook and Social Media skills. He could do a lot more of that, if motivated. Everyone enjoyed that.
Play rehearsals are heating up. Gina has done some set painting and Kees will work the sound effects for a production I am in on June 8 & 9. I hope I remember my lines!! It has been a challenge, but I think the play is nearly ready for an audience.

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