Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tuesday: Scooters and Glass Art

Eager to gain a working knowledge of scooter skills, Kees and I took off early, leaving Gina to sleep in and nurture her slightly sunburned nose for a while. We checked out the unremarkable market, then headed uphill toward the airport to see if we could catch D'arcy's incoming day trip. He was not on the flight as planned, so we buzzed over to Koru Cafe, a place we had heard so much about. It was just ok, with nice ambiance, pricey food and very
little character.
Next, since Kees was keen for a longer ride, we went hunting for Neibaa's Store. Again, we were underwhelmed by the selection and appalled at most prices (9.50 for a dozen eggs?!?)
Happily, it's such a small island that Tutapu was also there and guided us to her friend's place, who is a glass blower. After cake and coffee, Stephanie showed me her small
studio, where I could have spent a lot longer and come away much poorer!
She does lovely work with recycled glass as well as with pearls. I bought aqua green glass earrings for me and a funky glass beaded keychain for Gina, hoping to return with her another day.

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