Saturday, 14 January 2012

Aitutaki Sunday

Sunday we couldn't find anything open for breakfast, so we skipped straight to church, as we'd heard that was the thing to do on this island. An hour of that was plenty for me, but we lasted 2 hours before our escape. Kees took some films and pics to prove that miracles do happen. We found some lunch snacks, then the rest of Sunday we spent touring the island by scooter, lawless and free. Ok, I'm the lawless one without a driver's license, but I am getting important amounts of experience! We have only been lost once, when Kees took a wrong turn that led down a dirt trail. I managed the day without mishap, except one slow motion slip on wet sand as I tried to park on a grassy area. No real damage, but it was an embarrassing topple!
As Gina was happier left at home with movies on a laptop, just Kees and I
explored the village and backroads before finding the beach at Samade for a cool drink. What perfectly clear weather we enjoyed!
Sunday evening we happily found Puffy's cafe, where the salads and grilled fish is excellent. We even managed to catch a few good shots of a gorgeous beach sunset before total tropical darkness set in. Within 1/2 an hour, a brilliant full moon lit our way home.

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