Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Walk to Waterfall

Air NZ has to be one of the best. We felt like celebrities, ate like kings and left the plane after 10..5 hours feeling well rested. Can't beat that!
Rarotonga is tropical heaven. We've enjoyed papaya and bananas fresh from trees daily. The grocery store across the street sells all we need and the beach is 20 paces from our door, with fine sand and excellent snorkeling . Our beach walk at 7 a.m. led us to the start of a cross-island hike through the lush jungle, where bird of paradise and hibiscus mark the path. Due to heavy rains recently and empty tummies, we opted instead to visit Wigmore's waterfall and return to our villa for coffee, tropical fruit and fresh mushroom omelets. Thanks to Cuz D'arcy for his culinary enthusiasm!
Time to follow Gina into the ocean, as the tide is in and there is so much to see! She's calling me now, waving with a bright blue starfish, rescued from the beach. I'm coming in, Gina!

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