Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bali: Awakening

Sleeping in late is a good thing and I had full intentions of doing that, but when a spectacular mountain view presents itself, moments before sunrise, what would you do? I felt compelled to rise and watch from our balcony. Despite some cloud cover over the peaks, there was much to see. It wasn't a gorgeous sunrise full of wondrous colors, but rather a gentle illumination of life below me. Like ants stirred to dazzling activity once their hill has been disturbed, light revealed the valley's energetic rush of workers. Veins of motorbikes and trucks flowed towards emerald rice paddies, terraced into the valleys below. Hundreds of workers, farmers and schoolchildren were on the move, following their regular routes through plantations of clove trees that perfumed valleys with cool spicy scent. Everywhere I looked there was action, as treetops swayed with clove pickers, high on their bamboo stilt ladders.

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