Saturday, 25 August 2012

Counting the Days: August Ends

Blog entries are becoming less frequent as weeks become somewhat mundane. To school and back makes for dull writing, just recounting of daily routines. No need to highlight the unpleasant memory of a speeding ticket, flu season or an accidentally cracked mirror. Ho hum. Life goes on. It's hardly mentionable to describe trips into nearby towns for grocery runs, as thrilling as it may sound. Pretty canola field and rolling hills of barley shoots cannot inspire me to fill a page of superlative prose.
Laundry accumulates; we wash. Grass and weeds grow; we garden. Dust collects; we watch it accumulate.
As the famous Aussie fugitive Ned Kelly noted, when caught by authorities for the last time, "Such is life".
We anticipate more remarkable events as soon as next week, when I have arranged an observation visit to a school in Perth. Two weeks later, we'll be visiting two smaller schools in the country town of Boyanup. A major highlight of our year will be a two week vacation to Bali in early October. That will be in exactly 5 weeks from now.
Our future looks bright!

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