Saturday, 11 February 2012

First Week in Perth

I hid from the heat.
OK, so there was plenty of air con at Chook and Phil's home where we stayed, but 42c was dang hot. Disorienting.
We did get out one fine morning before sunrise, for a leisurely stroll through Chook's neighborhood, but headed straight in once those burning rays pierced the atmosphere. Humidity seemed hard to cope with, although I had hoped the tropics might have prepared me for this heat.
It did not.
In retrospect, it was all a haze that week. I spent a couple of lackluster attempts at mall shopping, but bought nothing. One highlight was when I tagged along with Chook for a visit to her mom's place. We took her lunch and spent a couple of hours chatting while Chook attended to some errands for her, as she'd been housebound with illness for some time. I was quite amazed to find such a fine collection of aboriginal artifacts in her home, casually stored in shelves, closets and umbrella stands! After pulling out dozens of spears, boomerangs, clubs, digeridoos and canes, I was proudly shown many samples of Chook's mom's own artwork. Beautiful talent! Paintings and sculptures indoors and out kept me in awe and wonder. I was very impressed and asked such a lot of questions that I may have tired the poor lady out, although Chook figures the visit did her a world of good. I sure enjoyed it!

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